Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sundance & Summer Star

Wow, it has been way to long since I last blogged. I started this month off with a bang and then ended this month barely crawling. Yup, totally let my blog go way to long without an update. Although I have to say this has been one really crazy busy month. I've barely Tweeted or Facebooked this month too.

I think all the camping I have done really threw me off my blogging/computer fix I used to have. It also doesn't help that I am probably going to get my 4th phone from Verizon either. Between camping and my phone constantly being on the fritz I have just been completely turned off of anything technology related. So I am going to leave you with some pictures from Sundance and Summer Star and I will catch up with the rest of the pictures on Monday. I have Lughnasadh Ritual tomorrow with Moon Garden Grove so I should have Monday to finish catching up whats been going on this month.

Sundance: (was not able to bring my camera on this trip due to the religious nature of this ritual, so these were the only pictures I was able to capture)

Oliver and I on the way up there

Keeley was my back seat copilot 

on the way there....

Can you see the bruise on my pinky toe? I accidently broke up during our trip.

This is actually Ross Lake, while I was a Sundance my Hubby was out with the boys on his own camping trip.

Isn't it just gorgeous up there?

I think just as gorgeous as where I was too.

The Blue Mountains were so amazing.

Finally on the way I look tired!
I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower! Six days without an actual shower sucked. Baby wipes were my best friend. Lesson learned....get my hair cornrowed so I don't have to deal with a greasy head. I know ewe, but this was REAL camping. Not that state park camping. The only luxury we had was that the tribe got outhouses with wash basins in them for us to use. Also got a Water Horse so the kitchen was nice and healthy also. This was an awesome community and the experience I got to have well out weighed not being able to shower for six days (again thank you baby wipes!) 

Totally learned from this trip and I know what to bring next year if I get the chance to go again.

Summer Star: (these are the only one's I have had time to edit, because I was able to bring my camera on this trip)

I was smart this time. I got my hair cornrowed so I would not have to deal with how greasy it got.

My amazing ritual robe my hubby got me.
Thank you impromptu drive through the middle of nowhere, was able to find the most amazing wheat field ever! 

Found this on the back roads to Hwy 22. Probably the most weed free wheat field I have ever seen.
So there is your teaser from Summer Star. Come back Monday for the entire post and story from there!

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